Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let's Hear It for the Boy

I recently read a very interesting blog post from a romance author/reader who described her deep and abiding love for Alpha males in all their smoldering, dominant glory. She loved their "take no prisoners" attitude and thought they were especially hot when shapeshifting into various powerful animal forms.

Now, I am not going to knock that. There is something special indeed about a growling werewolf, pirate captain, or imperious aristocrat that makes the heart go pitter-patter.

However, I continually find myself drawn to another type of romantic hero--the Regular Guy.

I am married to a Regular Guy. He's in his mid-fifties, bald, paunchy--and unbelievably sexy to me (though my daughter wonders what I ever saw in this perfect specimen of middle management).

Regular Guys don't shapeshift or conquer kingdoms. They go to work, come home, barbecue, give the kids a bath, and make love to their wives. Most of the time, we never really see the warrior that lurks within.

But I swear to you, each morning, somewhere deep in their psyches these Regular Guys gear themselves up for the day with the same attitude as the knights of old. They strap on their swords and head out to do battle with their customers or machinery or paperwork, knowing that each conquest carves out more space for their families to dwell in a land of peace and prosperity---aka suburbia.

I LOVE Regular Guys! I love those hardworking men who take care of business, then cut the grass.

I have known a bunch of these men and watched a number of them fall head over heels in love with the Regular Gal who makes all their priorities realign. I've also watched a number of them get their hearts broken savagely when said Regular Gal turns out to be a Regular Bitch.

If I have to be honest--and I do becaue this is a blog post--I have to tell you that I love to read these kinds of stories. They make me appreciate my own man and his regular, balding, incredibly sexy self.

My latest story, "Storm Duty (Finally Ever After)" follows a Regular Guy in the middle of restoring power to his destroyed community after the April 27 tornado disaster. Unfortunately, his ex-wife shows up to help work storm duty--rekindling all kinds of feelings from both parties! There are excerpts at the Musa site and the Amazon site. Feel free to drop by and see how sexy a Regular Guy can be!

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